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Thrust Spherical Plain Bearings

Thrust spherical plain bearings have a convex spherical surface on the shaft washer and a corresponding concave spherical surface in the housing washer. They are intended to accommodate axial loads primarily but can also accommodate combined (radial and axial) loads. The radial load component of a combined load should not exceed 50% of the axial load component. When radial loads are more significant, it is advisable to combine thrust bearings with radial bearings in the GE dimension series. Thrust spherical plain bearings are separable, e.g., shaft and housing washers can be mounted separately.

Product parameters

Designation Principal dimensions Angle of tilt Basic load ratings
dynamic static

Bearing No







  GX 17 F   17   47   16   2.6   36.5   58.5
  GX 20 F   20   55   20   5   46.5   73.5
  GX 25 F   25   62   22.5   4.2   69.5   112
  GX 30 F   30   75   26   3.7   95   153
  GX 35 F   35   90   28   4.9   134   216
  GX 40 F   40   105   32   5.8   173   275
  GX 45 F   45   120   36.5   6.2   224   355
  GX 50 F   50   130   42.5   5.3   275   440
  GX 60 F   60   150   45   5.8   375   600
  GX 70 F   70   160   50   3.5   475   750
  GX 80 F   80   180   50   3.9   570   915
  GX 100 F   100   210   59   4.6   735   1 180
  GX 120 F   120   230   64   3.4   880   1 430

Types of Thrust spherical plain bearings

  • GX..F: Open (without seals); self-lubricating capability; factory greased; does not require relubrication. However, relubrication can extend bearing service life;  available in metric sizes
  • GXD…TX: Open (without seals), high-performance bearing with self-lubricating sliding surface;  available in metric sizes
  • GXD…SA: Open (without seals), multi-groove system, can be relubricated via lubrication holes and an annular groove in the housing washer;  available in metric sizes

Five issues to be aware of when using the thrust spherical plain bearings

(1) Working temperature of thrust spherical plain bearings

Thrust spherical plain bearings allowed working temperature is mainly composed of thrust spherical plain bearings is determined by the material of the matching between the sliding surface, especially the type self-lubricating thrust spherical plain bearings of the sliding surface, plastic materials at high temperature with the decrease of the carrying capacity of the trend. Such as lubrication type thrust spherical plain bearings when the sliding surface of materials matching for steel/steel, its allowable working temperature depends on the permissible operating temperature of the lubricant. But for all types of lubrication and self-lubricating thrust, spherical plain bearings can be in the – 30 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ temperature range of use and keep the right to bear ability.

(2) Angle of thrust spherical plain bearings

Thrust spherical plain bearings are far better than the Angle adjustable heart of rolling bearing is much more commonly, very suitable for use in supporting parts of the concentricity requirement is not high, the Angle of joint bearing on bearing structure size, type, sealing device and reinforcing form is different. Generally, the centripetal range Angle is 3 ° ~ 15 °, angular contact bearing joints Angle range is 2 ° ~ 3 °, and thrust spherical plain bearings Angle range is 6 ° ~ 9 °.

(3) Thrust spherical plain bearings’ cooperation

In any case, thrust spherical plain bearings choose cooperation shall be uneven deformation in the ring. Its nature and the level choice must come according to the bearing type, such as supporting form and the size of the load working conditions to decide.

Loading and unloading of thrust spherical plain bearings should follow the following principles. Namely, the force imposed by the assembly and disassembly can’t directly pass through the spherical sliding surface. In addition, it should use auxiliary loading and unloading tools, such as sleeve, dismounted, etc.; the loading and unloading force exerted by the outside world should be directly and evenly applied to the matching ring or use the auxiliary method such as heating to load and unload without load.

(4) The installation of thrust spherical plain bearings

When assembling the thrust spherical plain bearings series, it is necessary to give special attention to the outer ring segmentation position below. To avoid the load acting directly on the segmentation surface, the segmentation surface should be maintained at a right angle with the corresponding direction.

(5) Thrust spherical plain bearings lubrication

When the applied load and produced are very hour, the speed of the swinging motion to the oil type thrust spherical plain bearings can operate in the case of no lubrication. However, regular oil and fat supplementation are generally necessary. During the initial installation and operation, it is recommended that the lubrication cycle should be moderately shortened.

No oil-type thrust plain spherical bearings can be used without lubrication circumstances. However, before the operation to join lithium soap base grease, thrust spherical plain bearings service life will be extended more. If dimensional infuse grease around the bearing, thrust spherical plain bearings will be more effective protection from dust and the invasion of foreign bodies.

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