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Oil spray lubrication substantial stress two stage screw air compressor

Two phase compression attributes and advantages:
one.The intaked air circulation following compressed by the initial phase compression, join with big volume oil mist in the cooling channel then cool rapidly, and then goes into the second phase compression program to be compressed and discharged unEPTTthe need force, significantly a lot more energy conserving than 1 stage compression sort.
2. Undertake German double rotor screw air conclude, big rotor and low rotary pace designing, the initial and the 2nd phase compression rotors are developed in one particular compression chamber, by means of different driving EPT and EPTn EPT ratio to get the ideal seal speed of the first phase and the next stage rotors EPT leading line, tremendously bettering the air finish compression efficiency.
three. Undertake inner spray oil cooling type, enable air isothermal compression, conserving vitality by 8%.
three. Every single stage compression ratio is as lower as three:1, minor inside leakage, bettering performance by15%.
Smaller sized compression ratio can increase operating stability and reliability, high performance functioning, EPTT using lifestyle, really reduced fault charge.
four. The EPTT unit EPTT can reach EPTT national degree-one power efficiency stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd.
five. Have fixed speed sort (TKL) and everlasting magnetic frequency conversion motor one particular-piece shaft kind (TKLYC).

I. TKL sequence of two phase compression twin screw air compressor

Undertake EPTd twin rotor screw air conclude EPTTed from German and EPTT, fee of 5:6, higher precision of EPT and seal, use SKF bearing and high grade oil seals to make certain the major motor EPTT lifestyle and low sounds operation. The air conclude and the diesel / electric motor is straight connected by means of the substantial elastic coupling, no EPT, significantly less vitality use, far more air output, large trustworthiness, EPTT provider life and low maintenance EPT.

II. TKLYC collection of Long lasting magnetic frequency conversion two phase compression twin screw air compressor

Adopt strength preserving permanent magnetic frequency conversion screw air finish:
1. Undertake One-piece shaft link construction for the long term magnetic motor and the air finish
#9733Permanent magnetic EPT’s rotor is immediately sleeved on shaft of the air conclude, embedded integrated direct-connecting structure, without coupling part or EPTT EPT component, particularly a single-piece shaft, making certain of a hundred% EPTT efficiency.
#9733EPTTper link is adopted for motor, and it can be assembled and disassembled extremely basically.
2. Undertake long lasting magnetic frequency conversion electric powered motor
#9733Permanent magnetic frequency conversion motor is the most EPTd technological electric motor, effectiveness can be up to ninety seven%, larger by 3%-five% than common motor with frequency conversion gadget variety, preserving energy a lot clearly.
#9733Permanent magnetic electric motor adopts substantial temperature resistance uncommon earth permanent magnet to make certain no demagnetization. With no motor bearing or sleeve, so no require lubricating grease, no require worry alignment dilemma, compact construction, preserving space, hassle-free use and routine maintenance.
three. Vast frequency conversion, constant force air feeding
#9733Frequency software scope (0HZ-200HZ) is broad, and motor performance unEPTTdifferent load is generally continuous.
#9733The motor is huge torque, powerful adaptability and loaded startup.
#9733The EPTT EPTT function unEPTTfrequency conversion condition, and can operate frequency modulation according to the client’s true need of air consumption at consistent strain, acknowledging high performance and power preserving.
four. Running steady and reliable
#9733EPTT beginning up unEPTTfrequency conversion condition, drastically reducing the impacting to the EPTT grid gear, steering clear of of damage to the electric equipment and saving electrical power when beginning.
#9733No want to set functioning strain up and base restrict value, can run by regulating the frequency at the placing stress position to stabilize the strain, so can conserve electric strength by ten%-15%.
five. Vitality preserving a lot certainly
In contrast with the fixed speed type compressor, our permanent magnetic frequency conversion compressor can preserve vitality by 30% when compared with the ordinary motor with frequency system variety compressor, our compressor can help save energy by 5%-10%.

EPTnical parameter of two phase air compressor (TKLYC variety):

Type Exhause force (Mpa) Air displacemen (m3/min) EPTT (Kw) Sound (dBa) Proportions (mm) Outlet pipe dimension WeigEPTT (Kg)
TKLYC-15F-II .eight/1./1.three fifteen sixty six 1600*900*1300 G1 one/2 800
TKLYC-18F-II .eight/1./one.3 three.five/3./two.5 18.five sixty six 1600*900*1300 G1 1/2 840
TKLYC-22F-II .eight/1./one.three 4./three.five/3. 22 66 1600*900*1300 G1 one/two 860
TKLYC-30F-II .8/1./one.3 6.4/five./four.2 30 68 1800*1500*1510 G1 one/two 1100
TKLYC-37F-II .eight/1./1.3 seven./six./five.five 37 68 1800*1500*1510 G1 1/2 1100
TKLYC-45F-II .8/one./one.three nine.five/eight.eight/eight.1 45 sixty eight 1800*1500*1510 DN50 2200
TKLYC-55F-II .8/one./1.three 11.5/10.9/ten.five fifty five sixty eight 2300*1400*1800 DN50 2600
TKLYC-75F-II .8/1./1.three seventy five 68 2300*1400*1800 DN65 2850
TKLYC-90F-II .8/1./one.three 19.eight/sixteen.5/13.five ninety sixty eight 2470*1700*2571 DN65 2950
TKLYC-110F-II .8/one./one.three 24./19.8/seventeen.two a hundred and ten 68 3100*1740*2150 DN80 3000
TKLYC-132F-II .eight/one./1.three 28.three/23.two/19.two 132 70 3100*1740*2150 DN80 3100
TKLYC-160F-II .eight/1./one.3 33.3/28.four/23.6 160 seventy two 3460*2040*2200 DN80 5400
TKLYC-185F-II .8/1./1.3 38.five/33.three/28.four 185 seventy two 3460*2040*2200 DN80 5600
TKLYC-200F-II .8/one./1.three 41.3/38.5/33.five two hundred seventy five 3460*2040*2200 DN80 5800
TKLYC-220F-II .eight/1./1.three forty five.five/40.eight/37.six 220 75 3720*2220*2200 DN100 6100
TKLYC-250F-II .eight/one./1.3 four.9/forty.3 250 75 3720*2220*2200 DN100 6200

EPTnical parameter of two stage air compressor (TKL kind):

Design Exhause strain (Mpa) Air displacement (m3/min) EPTT (Kw) Noise (dBa) Proportions (mm) Outlet pipe measurement WeigEPTT (Kg)
TKL-45F-II .8 nine.five forty five 68 1800*1500*1510 DN50 2400
one. eight.8
1.three 8.1
TKL-55F-II .eight 11.5 55 sixty eight 1800*1500*1510 DN50 2430
1. ten.9
one.three 10.5
TKL-75F-II .8 75 68 2470*1700*2571 DN65 2700
one. 14.5
1.three 12.five
TKL-90F-II .8 19.8 ninety 68 2470*1700*2571 DN65 2800
1. sixteen.5
1.3 13.5
TKL-110F-II .eight 24. one hundred ten sixty eight 2660*1700*2571 DN65 2850
1. 19.8
one.three 17.2
TKL-132F-II .8 28.3 132 70 2660*1700*2571 DN65 4150
one. 23.2
one.three 19.2
TKL-160F-II .8 33.3 one hundred sixty seventy two 3460*2040*2200 DN80 5100
one. 28.4
1.3 23.six
TKL-185F-II .eight 38.five 185 72 3460*2040*2200 DN80 5200
1. 33.three
one.3 28.4
TKL-200F-II .8 41.three 200 seventy five 3460*2040*2200 DN80 5250
1. 38.five
one.three 33.five
TKL-220F-II .8 forty five.5 220 seventy five 3720*2220*2200 DN100 6100
1. 40.8
one.three 37.six
TKL-250F-II .eight fifty four.7 250 75 3720*2220*2200 DN100 6200
one. forty four.nine
1.three forty.three

Our manufacturing facility and workshop

After revenue services:
one. Providing skilled air compression software planning for free of charge.
2. Delivering our manufacturing unit first EPTT elements at most affordable value after EPTT revenue.
3. Providing instruction and guidance for free, buyers can ship their workers to our manufacturing facility to find out how to operate the EPTTs.
4. Warranty interval: the screw main EPTT is one 12 months, the bearing is 1 calendar year, the use parts of air consumption valve, electric powered components, electromagnetic valve, price valve are six months
five. The air filter, oil filter, oil-h2o separator, lubricating oil, rubber elements and and many others. are not incEPTTd in warranty assortment.

Certification and patents of our air compressor

Q1: Are you manufacturing unit or trade company?
A1: We are manufacturing unit.
Q2: Guarantee terms of your EPTT?
A2: A single 12 months guarantee for the EPTT and specialized assist in accordance to your demands.
Q3: Will you supply some spare elements of the EPTTs?
A3: Yes, of training course.
Q4: How EPTT will you consider to organize production?
A4: 380V 50HZ we can shipping the products within 20 days. Other electrical power or other colour we will shipping and delivery inside thirty times.
Q5: Can you settle for OEM orders?
A5: Indeed, with expert layout crew, OEM orders are extremely welcome!

  in Fes Morocco  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Oil Spray Lubrication High Pressure Two Stage Screw Air Compressor manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Fes Morocco  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Oil Spray Lubrication High Pressure Two Stage Screw Air Compressor manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler